Markus Emsermann - Keyboards and Vocals

Markus has been playing piano, keyboards and synthesizers ever since he can remember - a lover of all music including classical, baroque, romantic music and, of course, progressive rock. He is a big fan the music of he 70s including Emerson, Lake and Palmer, YES, Genesis, ASIA, Gentle Giant, RUSH, etc. Playing in Mid-Life Crisis is very challenging and rewarding and am honored to be part of such a talented group of musicians. In addition to contributing to Mid-Life Crisis, he composes music and has a couple of pieces available on Amazon - one is dark electronic piece (The Haunting) and an orchestral piece (Gettysburg). Give us a chance and come out and listen - you won't be disappointed!

Mitch Fillmore - Lead Vocals

Mitch started out singing in his 5th grade choir where he found his passion for belting out the tunes.  His choir teacher would always comment to his parents how "loud Mitch would sing, no need for a microphone on him!"  His first real rock band, Spanish Fly, formed while he was in college at UMass Amherst.  From there he's performed in several other bands as lead vocalist ranging from 50-60's cover band, to a Van Halen - Ozzy tribute band, and most recently as the long time lead singer for Denver based Mid-Life Crisis band.  He's the vocal and sound system gear head in the band tapping into his background in engineering and information technology.  His vocal influences are all the top 70's and 80's singers - from Brad Delp of Boston to Paul Rogers of Bad Co to Pat Benatar to David Lee Roth of Van Halen.  His microphones and in ears are all Shure - all day.  Vocal processing is supplied by TC-Helicon and sound reinforcement by QSC.  By day he's a Cyber Security leader and by night enjoys spending time with his family.

Ken Gendill - Lead Guitar

Ken is a founding member of Mid-Life Crisis and lead axe player.  He's a native of beautiful Colorado and has performed in local bands since 1980.  His inspiration comes from music released in the 70's and 80's, but loves metal, some jazz, Southern rock and blues.  Ken has been the lead guitar player for 16 years in Mid-Life Crisis and feels great appreciation for all of the wonderful musicians he's played with during this time.  More importantly he enjoys the rush of excitement he feels when he gets to play for all the great people of Colorado and a great sense of gratitude to all of our long standing clients and venues.  He's quick to mention that he gives the majority of credit to his lovely wife Paula (aka Band Mom) and her unwavering support of his musical journey over these last 16 years.  Ken is a guitar gear head through and through, currently he's making music through:  Mesa Mark V Amps, Helix Effects, Line 6 Wireless Systems, and (of course) some amazing guitars including a '59 Les Paul Reissue, Fender Telecaster, Paul Reed Smith Studio, and a '70s vintage Fender Stratocaster. 

Aaron Lane - Bass and Vocals

Aaron has slapped the bass and sang backup vocals for MLC since 2016. He is a Colorado native originating from Glenwood Springs. His bass playing career started out as an overconfident trombone player who transitioned to guitar, only to be demoted by his guitar playing buddies to a less important instrument. Once he recovered from the trauma at 13 yrs of age, he embraced his shortcomings as a guitarist and strived to become the best bass player around while ignoring the social pressure of being “that guy."  Aaron has too many bass influences to name but he does try to emulate Flea, Geddy Lee (practice doesn’t make perfect), Steve Harris, and Larry Graham just to name a few. It’s worked out pretty well. He has played in all original as well as cover bands, including writing and recording in 2 CD’s.  Backup vocal influences include Michael Anthony, Andrew Dice Clay, and Tiny Tim. 


Equipment: Amp: Markbass CMD 102P 300/500W 2x10 Tilt-Back Bass Combo Amp. Bass Guitars: Fender P Bass, Fender Jazz Bass, Schecter Diamond Series Stilleto Studio 5 String. Effects: MXR Bass Envelope Filter, SP Compressor. 

Steve Olsen - Drums and Vocals

Drummer, percussionist, vocalist Steve Olsen received his first drum kit from his grandmother at around the age of 6 and has had a passion for music ever since. Steve soon began playing percussion in his school symphonic, concert and marching bands. Steve credits his parents for pushing him through many years of lessons and tolerating his noise coming from the family’s basement. Steve’s 10 years of training made him appreciate all kinds of musical rhythms and still enjoys playing swing, latin, country, funk and, of course, rock’n’roll. Steve seeks out music of any genre that has a deep rhythmic vibe which usually also means a danceable groove.  Steve played “semi-pro” for several groups during and after college and then gave it up for about 20 years to focus on his career in advertising and brand marketing. As a founding member of Mid Life Crisis in 2004, Steve dug his vintage 1978 Ludwig “Tequila Sunrise” Vistalites out of his parent’s basement, dusted them off and the band was born. Cymbals are all Zildjian with DX pedals and Remo heads. Musical influences include: Stewart Copeland, Neil Peart, Chad Smith, Steve Gadd and Nigel Olsson.  When he is not behind the kit, Steve enjoys fly fishing and is an avid tennis player.