Long Time Lead Singer Retiring from Band

After an amazing 17 year run as lead singer for Mid-Life Crisis, Mitch Fillmore is retiring from the band. It has been a great journey with over 400 shows logged. Mitch has two growing boys and is going to focus on spending lots of quality time with his family over the coming years. In his words though, this is more of a hiatus than a full retirement. He fully expects to be out performing again in a few years and continuing to do what he loves : fronting a rock and roll band! A special thank you to all of our friends, family and fans who have supported Mid-Life Crisis over the last 17 years! Mid-Life Crisis will be carrying on without Mitch and is currently auditioning singers to continue forward. Aug 21st at Blu Note in Parker will most likely be Mitch's last show. We're going to make this a full out retirement party for Mitch. Come by and help us celebrate new chapters and closing old ones.

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